2018 Committee Lunch

Date of Meeting

    2018 Committee Lunch

    Date: Wednesday 6th week, Hilary 2018 (2018-02-21)

    Present: Leah Mitchell (President), Charlotte Lee (Vice-President (Administrative)), Beth Thomas (Secretary), Henrique Aguiar (Treasurer), Gregory Brinkworth (Lindsay), Hannah Williams (Dr. WHO), Ellen Cropley (Dr. WHO), Thomas Laver (Foody), Joseph Al-Khalili (Foody), Athravan Sett (Access and Admissions Officer), Mia Liyanage (Access and Admissions Officer), Rebecca Clark (Charities and RAG Officer), Amrita Khandpur (Design & Maintenance Officer), Eleanor Cook (Student Disabilities Officer), Pria Bourne (Student Disabilities Officer), Jamie Barnes (Entz Officer), Rachel Wong (Entz Officer), Dylan Behr (Environment & Ethics Officer), Joshua Tilley (Environment & Ethics Officer), Alexander Gruen (Housing Officer), Mick Yang (LGBTQ Officer), Tanja Gunther (LGBTQ Officer), Antonia Siu (Website & Computing Officer), Francesca Back (Women's Officer), Lauren Tavriger (Women's Officer)


    Matters Arising

    • Entz co-options
    • Bop cleanup tools - Charlotte
    • Swimming cuppers - Juliet


    • Termly reports - Leah
    • Welfare updates - Hannah
    • UCU strike - Leah 
    • Honours boards - Leah


    Matters Arising

    Entz co-options

    Jack and Helena stood for Entz reps. They explained that they were keen to keep bops going, they work well as a pair and are aware of the work the position entails. It was questioned what they would do for their subcommittee. They said they were happy keeping the current subcommittee. 

    Jack and Helena are elected Entz reps. 

    Bop cleanup tools - Charlotte

    Charlotte explained how currently after bops some people are tasked with picking up things from the floor outside including cigarette butts. Currently gloves are used but there is concern they don’t offer enough protection. 

    30 pounds was requested to pass 2 litter picker tools at the cost of 15 pounds each. Charlotte explained that cheaper models have reviews that suggest they may not be effective for the intended purpose. 

    It was questioned whether it would be better to buy just one and see if it works well before getting a second. However it was thought that to save on shipping costs it would be better to buy both together and then return one if they don’t work. 

    Motion passes. 

    Swimming cuppers - Juliet

    Juliet requested 30 pounds for the entrance fee for swimming cuppers. 

    Motion passes.  


    Termly reports - Leah

    Leah brought to the committee the fact that the constitution says committee members should submit progress reports each term to the secretary. Hannah says they tried it last year but without much response from committee members. 

    Leah said it would be a good idea to try and make this happen from now on. It was discussed that committee members each should write half a page to a page of what they have done this term and what they plan to do for next term and submit it to the secretary by 11th week. 

    It was also discussed that this has the benefit that they could be distributed to the JCR to increasing the JCR’s understanding of what the committee does.  

    Welfare updates - Hannah

    Hannah mentioned she has an upcoming meeting with Bruce and asked the committee if there was anything that they would like them to bring up. Updates were also given on the state of the welfare room - the committee was told that anyone needing one should speak to Bruce. 

    Hannah also mentioned that they are trying to sort out the noise situation in staircase 15 as it's an ongoing problem. 

    UCU strike - Leah 

    Leah updated the committee on the situation with the UCU strike. The committee were informed that it will not affect anyone's exams - in case asked by a JCR member - but there is no way to know what lectures will not be on. 

    Honours boards - Leah

    Leah mentioned how college is floating the idea of having honours boards. These would be boards to display the previous Masters of Balliol and then there would be one for both past JCR and past MCR presidents. Leah said they wouldn’t be up in a very overt place - possibly they would be put in the buttery. 

    Various committee members expressed their support for this idea given how much work the president has to do.