Why Balliol?

Choosing an Oxford College can be a difficult task, and this section is here to show you the ways in which Balliol is such a great place to live and study! One of the best things about studying at Balliol is the the welcoming and friendly environment which exists here. We have a vibrant student body which is open and inclusive and among the most active in the University- whether you're interested in sport, music, journalism, politics or drama, Balliol provides plenty of opportunities to get involved and allows you to get the most out of your degree. Our JCR (Junior Common Room- the collective name for the student body!) is incredibly active and does a wide range of things from running our own café and bar to raising money from charity and funding our students to go on demonstrations.

We encourage you to come and look around the College and the University in general. If you would like to arrange a visit to Balliol out of term time then we are more than happy to oblige - contact Pravahi Osman, Balliol's Outreach and Support Officer, at outreach@balliol.ox.ac.uk for more information!