Balliol is one of the friendliest colleges in Oxford, so as you'd expect, everyone here is really accepting of people who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer or Questioning.

In college, there are two elected LGBTQ+ officers to represent the views of LGBTQ+ people in the JCR. These officers (she/her) and (she/her) will always be available to talk and support anyone with any issues, whether or not these relate to gender or sexuality. They also put on social events throughout the year. These include drinks events, bops and crew dates; which are good ways to meet LGBTQ+ people both within Balliol and from other colleges. We're constantly looking to improve the range of events we have on offer, and your ideas will always be welcome.

Balliol is a college where you can feel safe and free from prejudice, whatever your gender or sexuality.

(If you're wondering what Trans* stands for, have a look at this link)

Useful Links

Disclaimer: Stonewall is an LGB charity so does not deal with any trans* issues. It has also faced controversy over transphobia in the past. Both The Beaumont Society and The Gender Trust are better for anyone looking for information about gender identity.