2018 Committee Lunch

Date of Meeting

    2018 Committee Lunch

    Date: Wednesday 5th week, Hilary 2018 (2018-02-14)


    Present: Leah Mitchell (President), Charlotte Lee (Vice-President (Administrative)), Beth Thomas (Secretary), Henrique Aguiar (Treasurer), Gregory Brinkworth (Lindsay), Hannah Williams (Dr. WHO), Joseph Al-Khalili (Foody), Mia Liyanage (Access and Admissions Officer), Rebecca Clark (Charities and RAG Officer), Eleanor Cook (Student Disabilities Officer), Jack Weatherilt (Entz Officer), Helena Cox-Smith (Entz Officer), Avnish Nijjar (Ethnic Minorities Officer), Safia Khan (Ethnic Minorities Officer), Xinyu Luo (International Students Officer), Alexander Gruen (Housing Officer), Mick Yang (LGBTQ Officer), Tanja Gunther (LGBTQ Officer), Antonia Siu (Website & Computing Officer), Lauren Tavriger (Women's Officer), Francesca Back (Women's Officer)

    Absent with apologies: Thomas Laver (Foody)

    Absent without explanation: Ellen Cropley (Dr. WHO), Athravan Sett (Access and Admissions Officer), Amrita Khandpur (Design & Maintenance Officer), Pria Bourne (Student Disabilities Officer), Dylan Behr (Environment & Ethics Officer), Joshua Tilley (Environment & Ethics Officer)



    1. Matters Arising

    • Co-options:
    1. Homelessness Officer
    2. Bike Rep
    • Ox Women Speak Out - Lauren and Francesca 
    • Charity musical props - Becky
    • Staircase noise - Hannah 
    • Sport poster materials - Francis
    • Birthday card for Maureen - Leah

    2. AOB



    Matters Arising


     - Homelessness Officer

    • Youssef explained how coming from London, homelessness is a key issue he is aware of and so would like to help out. He explained he would like to propose lobbying large entities to apply more pressure on them to take action towards helping homelessness. He also said he would like to apply more pressure on the college itself to use its wealth and influence to tackle the issue directly. Yourself explained he is also keen to raise awareness of the issue and of the backgrounds of the people who are homeless.
    • Joseph asked if he would be willing to find ways for pantry’s left over food to be donated. Youssef said he would be very keen to do that if elected. 
    • Youssef elected Homelessness officer. 

    - Bike Rep

    • Ali explained that he is passionate about bikes, spends lots of time cycling and on maintenance. He said if he was elected he would top up the box in the porters lodge. 
    • Ali elected Bike rep. 

    Ox Women Speak Out - Lauren and Francesca 

    Up to 50 pounds were requested for the Ox Women Speak Out event being held at Balliol next week. 25 pounds would be to cover food and drink and the other 25 pounds as a donation to the charity. 

    Motion passes. 

    Charity musical props - Becky

    Becky explained that there are some props and costumes that need to be bought for the charity musical and that it would be preferable if this didn’t come from the ticket sales as the money from them is going to charity. Becky clarified that currently the exact costs were not clear but up to 40 pounds would be useful. 

    It was suggested by committee members that it would be worth trying to ask for props and costumes from around the JCR. 

    There was also a discussion over whether it should come out of tickets sales or not. The committee was informed that this has happened in previous years. 

    A suggestion was raised that the costumes could be donated to charity after the show. 

    The idea of setting up a more permanent costume cupboard for JCR productions was also discussed. 

    It was decided that the motion would be brought again next week when it is clearer what items and costumes are still needed. 

    Staircase noise - Hannah 

    Hannah explained how they were getting lots of reports of noise on staircase 15. It was requested that committee members do their best to encourage people to keep noise down in staircase 15. The situation is particularly an issue for people who have exams/mods there and can’t get to sleep. Problematic nights were identified as Tuesdays and after BOPs.  

    The Committee were told to pass on to Hannah any complaints about noise and to encourage anyone disturbed by noise to ring the night porters.

    It was questioned whether or not earplugs were currently provided. Hannah said they had ordered lots and will do a post to the JCR.

    Sport poster materials - Francis

    Up to 12 pounds was requested to cover the costs of cards and pins used to make a display board of photos of sport team members. 

    Motion passes. 

    Birthday card for Maureen - Leah

    Up to 20 pounds was requested to buy a card for Maureen and flowers or a voucher. There was a discussion of whether it should come out of JCR fund or not. It was decided it should. 

    Motion passes.