Remedial Lantern Making

By Ben, 28 November, 2023
Ben laterning

Due to a lack of attendence at the midday latern making today, we are running remedial lantern making at midnight on Tuesday - before the latern walk at midnight on Wednesday.

Also due to thieves in the JCR all the colored paper was stolen, so please bring your own! And tracing paper if you have it!

You also need to bring some kind of juice carton to act as the base of your lantern. Tropicana works best due to a shiny inside - tesco's ownbrand is sadly brown so does not work well. Oat milk fairs similarly badly. Tesco ownbrand apple juice is shiny! And pringles cans work well!

Lantern making will occur in room 5 at the top of Staircase 6!