By Ben, 28 November, 2023

Due to a lack of attendence at the midday latern making today, we are running remedial lantern making at midnight on Tuesday - before the latern walk at midnight on Wednesday.

Also due to thieves in the JCR all the colored paper was stolen, so please bring your own! And tracing paper if you have it!

By admin, 4 November, 2023

Are you getting S.A.D? Why not try some autumnal arts and crafts. At 1a.m. on the 11th of Saturday join us for a latern lit walk leaving from plodge. Here is a quick guide on making your lantern. Help can be provided. You will be reimbursed for all purchases by the JCR.

Materials you will need:


By Ben, 4 October, 2023

Ben apparently has an IQ closely comparable to that of Einstein, or so he says. Yet when confronted with the technological supremacy that is Eduroam he falters time and time again and seemingly has the IQ of a belligerent toddler. He ends up being unable to even read the simplest instructions! One can assume this is caused by a mind-numbing fear at anything more technologically advanced than a wheel given he studies Ancient History. However most of you freshers do not have this excuse!!!

By admin, 4 October, 2023

It's really not hard, so I can't really fathom why no one has done it!!!

Most important roles (EMO, LGBTQ, Welfare, etc...) should already have accounts on the website. These will have the correct permissions needed to edit pages. Just visit the page you wish to edit and click the great big edit button!

It can of course happens that you do not yet have the required permissions in which case please contact me, jcr.webmaster@balliol.ox.ac.uk.

You may wish to note the above!


By admin, 5 March, 2023

As decreed in the IT Policy the yearly Spoofing/Phishing test has been carried out.

With 71 failures recorded out of 405, the results are disappointing. Discounting the recorded failure by "lol" and "heyyyyy" - congrats to whoever figured out how to submit that :)), and myself probably being unlikely to fall for a phishing test conducted by myself we have 69/404 failures. That is a 17.0792... % failure rate. Given that only one hacked account is needed to compromise the security we have that for every 100 phishing emails sent to the JCR our saftey will be compromised 6900 times.

By Balliol JCR, 12 February, 2023

Play trivia with other's from Balliol! Click here to test your wits against the likes of Benjamin Falconer (he was on Uni Challenge!!!) and other people.

  • Check out the categories with !trivia categories
  • Start a game with !trivia <easy|medium|hard> <questions> <...categories>. For example, a game with 10 easy questions in the General Knowledge and Animals categories would be !trivia easy 10 9 27.
By Balliol JCR, 21 January, 2023

The voting system is based on matrix, and lets you anonymously, remotely and securely vote in GMs. Following a tremendously successful trial at a committee lunch which especially highlighted the ease of setting it up we decided to create the following guide to simplify matters even more!

Getting the app!

The following post describes how to get the app. On a laptop you can however just click here and click log in with SAML to login.

By Eug, 14 January, 2023

Did you know that Balliol provides free swimming at Iffley for all its undergraduates? Well, now you most definitely do! Slots can easily be booked via the Oxford Sports App.

Have you ever struggled to optimise your time spent in the pool? Fear not! My revolutionary method swimming by squares is here to help! The only requirement is a rudimentary grasp of the from time to time challenging concept of a square number; then you are free to really enjoy swimming. As one avid swimmer put it,

By admin, 14 January, 2023

By activity your university provided linux user account you can create a personal website.

Check out mine here. This is a bit of fun in case you ever get bored of staring at your phone screen for too long and would like to look at your computer screen for a bit :)).

You need to activate your shell account, which can be done by clicking here. Then open a terminal on your computer and type,